For their beauty and quality, Budva beaches belong in the highest ranked beaches in Adriatic. They are located on a 35 km stretch of coastline of the famous Budva Riviera and include a large number of sandy bays, huts, capes and smaller islands. Each of these beaches shows an incredible charm, and for many, only one visit to this part of the Adriatic is insufficient to completely abandon the enjoyment of each of them. For this reason, you will hear from many visitors that they are happy to return to discover the new magic of the Budva region.

Harmony of beautiful beaches and untouched nature of the Budva Riviera

Throughout the year, Budva is the perfect destination for rest and relaxation. In winter, you have the opportunity to experience the tranquil ambiance of its bays and capes, while in the spring and summer period this small town on the Adriatic coast becomes a mixture of cultures and it gets an irresistible and especially happy note.

In order to find your favorite bathing spot, we have selected some of the beaches that have been favorites for many years, both with tourists and with locals, who devoted special attention and interest to them.

Trsteno beach

Trsteno Beach

Located 9 km from Budva, in the northwest area of the Budva Riviera, situated deep between the two capes that protect from large waves and strong winds. The length of the beach is about 200 meters formed from fine particles of sand with granulation from 1 to 5 mm.

Trsteno represents one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, which is especially attractive and suitable for the youngest guests due to its position. Namely, the shoal of this beach is about 50m long, and the youngest visitors who are not yet quite sure of their swimming ability, have the opportunity to swim freely. Also, due to the rich marine life and good fence from the sea, this beach can be interesting for sailors.

Near the beach, there are two cafes-restaurants as well as a parking space provided for all beach guests.

Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach

It is located at a distance of 2.5km west of the city in the same bay. The famous Jaz is a gravel beach slightly arched and consists of two parts. The first part of it extends over a length of about 900m, and the second part, a length of about 600m, is reserved for nudists.

Because of its beauty and natural features, Beach Jaz represents the national treasure of Montenegro of the first category and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the Primorje region. It is also popular for all campers because in its hinterland it is also one of the largest car camps in Montenegro.


Mogren beach

Mogren Beach

On the western periphery of the city not far from the hotel Avala, with the length of 350m, a strenuous ridge is divided into two parts of the sandy beach. The easiest approach to these beaches is a sandy path from the direction of the Old Town, which is only 150 meters away.

This beach is classified among the most attractive and most visited beaches with medium-sized sand, both on land and in the water, with perfect sunshine and exposure to the warm southern wind.

The name was given from the Spanish seaplane Mogrinia, who found himself in one of these two beaches in a shipwreck and built a church of St. Anton whose remains are on Mogren II beach.

Although the entrance to the beach itself is paid, during the whole season, it has an extraordinary number of visitors, with special interest from young people.

Becici Beach

Bečići Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful and largest beaches in the southern Adriatic, winning the Grand Prix award for the most beautiful beach in Europe in 1935 in Paris in 1935. As it is located at the end of several tourist centers, it is fully equipped with all accompanying amenities and is suitable for recreation, rest and socializing, as well as for all sports activities.

This beach is the second largest in the whole of Montenegro and it extends from the cape Zavala to Kamenovo beach at a length of 1950m fine sand. As all beaches of the Budva Riviera are some kind of natural monuments under a special protection regime, tourists on this beach are also provided with all the amenities to fully enjoy the beauty of its unspoiled nature.

Drobni pijesak

Drobni pijesak Beach

It is one of the most beautiful small beaches near the town of Budva, in the south direction towards Petrovac. This beach, only 250 meters long, like several other similar beaches formed on one side in one of many smaller bays, is only accessible from the sea.

What gives her a special charm and places her among the favorites for the locals, it is precisely her hinterland covered with olive trees and macchia, as well as its sand of yellow and white tones that gives the sea a specific color. It also has a source of fresh water that makes this part even more pleasant.

Slovenska Beach

One of the best features of Budva. This combined sandy and the pebbly beach extends from the walls of the old town to the hill Košljun which is located at the entrance to Budva from Bečići at a total length of about 1600 m. It is characteristic for the sandy spruce that connects with the island of Sv. Nikola. This beach, once known as Podnopolje, was declared a bathing place back in 1920, and the name by which she was known today was given by the Czechs who traveled to Budva in 1935. Above the beach itself, its famous length makes it the most famous and largest Budva promenade.

Slovenska beach

Kamenovo and Pržno Beach

Two Small beaches between Becici and Milocer with the most beautiful sunsets. They are located right next to the Adriatic Highway and are easily accessible to tourists.

Kamenovo Beach is located between Becici and Pržno in the direction of Perazić Dol and is the first in a row of about 16 smaller attractive Budva Riviera beaches. Its shores and seabed are sandy that gives crystal clear waters an unusual, sometimes turquoise, sometimes azure tone. While its southeast orientation provides a great base.

Pržino is located at the place bearing the same name, a typical coastal settlement, which gives the beach a unique charm. It stretches over a length of only 260m and is a combination of sandy and rocky beaches in which the olive groves of exceptional value are hiding, due to which the entire locality is on the list of protected nature reserves.

Przno Beach

Queens Beach

It was named after the fact that it was the favorite beach of Queen Marija Karadjordjevic, whose residence is in its immediate vicinity. It is situated in one of the picturesque bays between Pržno and Sveti Stefan, and its beauty is reflected in clear waters, cypresses, and olives located in its hinterland.

The beach extends over a length of only 120m of fine sand of granulation from 1 to 6mm, and it fits into the ambiance of the Miločer beach near the city.

Queens Beach

St Stefan Beach

It represents many the most attractive place along the entire coast of the Adriatic. This former fishing village, first of all, turned about half a century into a city-hotel and then grow up to become a beautiful tourist place where even the world’s greatest film and entertainment stars like to spend their time.

In this place, there is a tombolo, a very rare phenomenon in the world, which represents a sandpit that drains the coast with the rocks on which Sveti Stefan is located. On both sides of this tombolo, the sandy beaches are characterized by a distinctive red color of fine sand.

There are three smaller churches on Sveti Stefan: the church of Alexander Nevsky, the church of Sveti Stefan, by which the peninsula is named after the last but not the least, the Transfiguration Church, located at the very entrance to the town.

St Stefan Beach

Richards Head

A unique beach that it is located just under the walls of the Old Town. It is only 100m long and its name was given to the famous Hollywood actor, Ricardo Vidmar, who in 1963, on this beach, shot the film Long Boats.

Older locals remember this beach in a completely different, and long forgotten name – Brijeg from Budva. Today this beach is a popular youth meeting place during the summer season, while in the autumn and winter in its pleasant sun, many visitors of the city enjoy its tranquilizing surrounding.

Richards head
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