The Budva region of the Adriatic coast is characteristic of the typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot and dry summers. In the coastal area sheltered by a high mountain hinterland, climatic conditions are even smoother and more pleasant, and there are no major temperature changes, precipitation and strong winds that can typically be found in the nearby area.

In its unique relief, specific soil and the climate, the lush vegetation is widespread. The fruits and oil of the famous Budva olive groves give a special charm to seafood specialties, while grape vines and mature figs additionally contribute to every enjoyment and complete abandonment to the coastal life. The coast is mostly decorated with cypresses, but there are also mandarin, lemon, orange and nuts, while in parks and around houses you can find irresistible mimosa and palm trees.

Tourist tours for an unforgettable experience

Every part of the Budva Riviera and the whole of the Adriatic hide both historical and cultural, as well as natural charms that can be easily visited by many organized tourist trips and excursions while you are on holiday in the Villa Prestige.

Budva Riviera – Boat tour

The tour of the Budva Riviera by boat is a perfect opportunity to visit all the most beautiful beaches of this part of the Adriatic. You will be able to see from the sea what The Old Town, Slovenska plaža, Bečici, and Rafailovići look like, and the whole part of the Riviera is all over Pržno and Queen’s beach to the peninsula Sveti Stefan, where the visitors can enjoy relaxing break.

The adventure then continues on the island of St. Nicholas, where you will be able to fully experience the unspoiled nature, see the island caves and wild beaches of one of the most beautiful destinations of the Adriatic. On return, you can visit the cave near Mogren beach, Mogren I and Mogren II.

The Budva Riviera itself represents a kind of memorial of nature, with luxurious bays, untouched nature, and lush and diverse vegetation. To some of the beaches and hidden coves, you will be welcomed by the locals who will gladly who to you the most interesting sites, and your visit to this part of the Adriatic will be an experience that you will surely want to repeat.

Monastery Ostrog – Cetinje

Monastery Ostrog represents the largest Montenegrin sanctuary. Its most specific characteristic is that it is carved into a wall that overshadows the area belonging to the Bjelopavlović family, on the slopes of the Ostrog Mountain near the present Nikšić. Consequently, it was built in a unique architectural style.

Its history begins in 1665 and is associated with the name of its founder and the miracle person of St. Basil of Ostrog, especially respected among the Herzegovinian and Montenegrins, whose relics still exist today. The monastery itself consists of two parts, the Upper Monastery (in which the Church of the Holy Cross is located) and the Lower Monastery (in which the Church of the Holy Trinity is located). The tour begins in the morning hours in Budva, and after visiting the monastery follows a tour of the city of Cetinje. There is a visit to the Cetinje Monastery where the relics of Saint Peter of Cetinje are kept.

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Lake Skadar

As the largest freshwater reservoir in the Balkans, Skadar Lake is a very important natural and historical site for Montenegro, and it extends over 400 km² across two countries, Montenegro and Albania.

The lake offers many activities to the lovers of nature. IObserving birds (as many as 270 bird species), visiting the wine plantations were the best known Montenegrin wine Vranac is made. Boat rides, gastronomic specialties, and more await anyone who steps nearby this magnificent lake.

Since 1983, the lake has become a National Park, and since 1995, there has been a very rich and diverse flora and fauna on the World List of Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR), which will make you want to return at least a few more times to this wonderful place.

The history of the Skadar Lake itself is widely known in the Balkan countries, and many songs and legends have been sung and talked about. From the 13th century, the lake was under the authority of the Turks, who remained in this area for the next five centuries. At the end of the 19th century, the city of Zeta, located on Skadar Lake, was merged with Albania, so that in the 20th century the lake would be returned to the Montenegrin ruler.

More about legends, stories and cultural history of the region of Skadar Lake you will have the opportunity to hear from organized tours starting from Budva.

Boka Kotrorska boat tour

An all-day boat trip to one of the most beautiful bays in southern Europe is a truly memorable experience. Visit Modra Špilja, Sveti Đorđe island, Gospo od Škrpljela, the ancient city of Perast and the town of Kotor with one of the most beautiful fortifications on the entire coast.

The excursion itself starts from Budva, where all passengers travel by bus to Tivat, where the journey begins with one of the trolleys. The first stop is beautiful Herceg Novi, after which it goes to one of the most picturesque coves of the whole Boka Kotorska – Zanjica. On this beach, you will have the opportunity to enjoy its untouched nature and wildlife.

After that, Blue Cave, Perast and Gospo od Škrpljela will be visited in order to complete the journey in Kotor, a city which, thanks to its unique architecture, is included in the most important cultural monuments and international cultural assets under the protection of UNESCO.

Tara – Rafting

When you are wondering what is the most ambitious experience you can surely experience in your visit to the Adriatic, it is always the best choice for rafting one of the most beautiful rivers of this region – Tara. This shallow and fast river will bring you through an adventure that you will remember forever.

You will find that a large number of foreign tourists, as well as a large number of locals from nearby places and from the coasts who are looking for exciting adventures, are referring to this river. For rafting alone, you do not need previous experience due to the organized instructors who will be held for you.

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